Welcome to Tri-Sphere Ltd

Tri-sphere are the SOLE UK distributor for:

  • Globaljig
  • Fan
  • Scheibner Max Motorcycle Systems
  • Revo 180.

We have specialised in Car and Motorcycle Bodyshop Equipment since 1989. Our equipment range includes Globaljig vehicle measurement and repair systems, motorcycle measuring and repair systems and welding systems.

We also offer full Globaljig training and equipment calibration services.

Our Globaljig systems are approved by many manufacturers including Aston Martin and Jaguar.

REVO 180


The REVO 180 semi-arch units offer the highest concentration of technology and ease-of-use for rapid drying of paints. Thanks to short-wave, infrared technology, drying is achieved extremely quickly, with far better quality, more cheaply and more safely that any other system on the market.

The completely computerized controls manage all movements, even over large areas.

An aluminium semi-arch drier set on guides of various lengths that can be adapted to any Prep Zone or Painting Booth.

Economical and environmentally friendly, the REVO 180 saves up to 75% on existing gas usage and reduces electricity costs by up to 23%, lowering your carbon footprint plus increasing profitability and throughput – the REVO 180 could save you time and money.

NEW! The REVO Light is a more cost-effective system based on its big brother. With all the same fuel efficient abilities, the REVO Light is a less expensive alternative to the REVO 180.

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