Detecting Misalignment in a Vehicle’s Structure

Whether detecting misalignment in a vehicle’s structure or verifying that repairs have successfully eliminated damage, the GlobalScan computerized measuring system can do the job. GlobalScan integrates the precision of laser scanning with a computerized data base for unmatched accuracy in collision repair and analysis. In addition to showing extent of collision damage, GlobalScan monitors progress throughout the repair and verifies the vehicle’s structure is correctly aligned. Three separate reports verify the vehicle’s structural condition by showing overhead diagrams that display center line, datum line and datum height measurements, offering indisputable evidence that the repairs made were not only needed…but returned the vehicle frame to its pre-collision condition.


GlobalScan™ Measures on the Principle of Triangulation

The system’s laser body scanner uses light-reflective Targets (each bearing a unique code) that are suspended from a vehicle’s defined reference points. The scanner houses photo sensors that identify the angle of revolving laser reflections. This information is transferred to the computer which performs the triangulation and target identification functions.

User friendly

Globalscan is the next generation in terms of fast, accurate and simple vehicle measurement. It’s also the most efficient route to cost-effective high volume light- vehicle repairs, says bodyshop equipment specialist Tri-Sphere

Graphic displays greatly simplify the repair procedure, allowing instant comparisons between the initial set-up, current position, and the desired final result at any time. A printout provide all the information required to satisfy the insurer, while providing tangible reassurance for the customer that the finished repair has restored the vehicle to its original condition

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