TrueScan collision measuring systems are the next step for vehicle accident repair specialists. If you are aiming for higher standards of performance and have an established reputation for quality and service to protect, this system is for you.

Supplied by Tri-Sphere, TrueScan systems use the latest Galileo multi-point laser scanner technology. You see live mapping images in real time. Harnessed in combination with the most up-to-date vehicle data, TrueScan brings bodyshop repairs closer to manufacturer tolerance levels than ever before.

Galileo Laser technology enhances the accuracy, performance and stability that were successfully incorporated into the earlier Laser Lock systems. Greater flexibility and accuracy is delivered using a single laser system. It is simply placed underneath the vehicle.

Once specific vehicle details are input on screen, up to 32 target data locations can be selected and triangulation by Galileo can commence. The information gathered is processed and displayed on screen. Changes are monitored and recorded as they occur. There is no need to re-set or re-measure. Processed data is structured in a variety of job useful ways. Three vital reports can be generated:

• Pre-Repair Assessment
• Work in Progress
• Completed Result

Customers are left in no doubt that repairs are necessary. They appreciate the work needs to be done to restore the vehicle to original equipment quality. It demonstrates the work has been carried out to the highest possible standard.

TrueScan is supplied with a durable and lockable cabinet, the Galileo Laser, high definition flat screen display unit, colour printer unit, a range of accessories including data targets, plus all the necessary software. On screen user manuals and training guides are included as part of the package.


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