Meridian Delivers 360° Accuracy

Welcome to the world of simultaneous and continuous vehicle measurement.

The Meridian Live Mapping System is a complete vehicle measuring and blue-printing package for body repair specialists. It uses the technology provided by the Galileo’s single-hub laser driven scanner to generate accurate 360-degree views of damage not visible to the naked eye.

Targets are set at fixed points. Galileo uses these targets to take measurements and produces accurate assessments of the actual damage.

Meridian benefits

 The Meridian is easy to operate and versatile. Benefits include:

  • Fast set-up times contribute to an increase in bodyshop efficiency levels
  • Can be used as an estimating tool

The high-powered Galileo laser increases measurement accuracy with the help of robust aerospace technology and thermal resistant materials. Geospatial design and micro-rotational technology add a range of benefits which include:

  • Target-based measurements
  • Perfect plane of stability
  • Precise and consistent speed of measurement
  • Accuracy under any lighting conditions

Meridian can be used with any bench or 2-Post lift. It’s a measuring tool of the future for today’s bodyshop specialists.


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