ELMAspot QSVM Vision resistance welders make it possible to deliver OE quality welds every time. Perhaps this one of the reasons why it has satisfied some of the industry’s most rigorous performance testing criteria.

It has achieved certification by Ford Werke GmbH.

Each machine features USB interface for updates, digital welding control – virtual machine – technology and incorporates a quality assurance system and display. A 70-litre capacity water tank is the key to the success of the internal cooling system, which allows the consistent delivery of high output currents of up to 13kA –even with low fuse protection. It is protected by a main circuit breaker.

Quick coupling connections, lightweight C-gun (10.5kg), precise process regulation, energy control and bypass detection help to ensure that high quality OE welds are reproduced every time.

Other features include:

5kN electrode force in all C centre-arm distances (80,350, 500mm) at 6 bar

5-metre 32A mains cable

Supply voltage (3 x 400V) 50Hz

Max Power 130kVA

Protection class IP21

Insulation class F

Ease of use

ELMAspot eQSVM Vision resistance welders ar the first choice for many body repair specialists across Continental Europe. Tri-Sphere is the sole distributor of Elma-Tech welding systems to the automotive industry in the UK and Ireland.


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