The front fork diagnostic gauge

Fein_3Measure the front fork without dismantling via the gauge. Determine precisely deviations of the front fork major components, such as distortion of the lower yoke and or twist of the stanchions. works with an additional clearance gauge. It provides exact figures via the rock of the precision ground alloy plate.

The software provides the necessary calculations based on the measured rock of the plate. You simply compare the results with the tolerances given in the manual to decide the trueness of the yoke and stanchions.

Easy to use

Fein_1Unfasten the bolts of the upper yoke, stabiliser and the front wheel axel to release all tension in the front fork.
Turn one stanchion several times and determine the rock of the plate. Transfer the difference between minimum and maximum reading of all measurements to the program. If the stanchions are true, take the absolute figure of the rock as reading for the yoke

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