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SPR Hydraulic Riveting Tool.

Vehicle manufacturers increasingly believe that cold riveting is the way forward because it allows different materials and various layers to be bonded together more easily. The SPR Hydraulic Riveting Tool upgrade makes it easier to comply with all of the very latest specifications.

The latest model features a hand–operated trigger, rather than a foot driven mechanism. Routine cold riveting jobs around the bodyshop are much more easily completed.

Already equipped with a pressure gauge that helps ensure the correct pressure is applied to each type of different material, this new upgrade makes the SPR Hydraulic Riveting Tool one of the most versatile cold riveting tools of its kind on the market.

The SPR Hydraulic Riveting Tool delivers up to 50kN of driving force and is capable of dealing with the toughest metals – such as high strength steels, which can be found in an increasing number of vehicles. The C-shaped head includes a 38mm pitch.

Larger clamps are available in order to deal with larger sized panels, also included are twelve upper and lower mandrels, with two sets of magnetic inserts.

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