Taking Care of Business with Tri-0xyclean

Taking Care of Business with Tri-0xyclean

How a virus killing procedure is protecting people and businesses

Surviving the pandemic is a lot about demonstrating what you and your business are prepared to do to keep people safe.

Customers and staff are right to be concerned about cross infection and virus contamination from vehicle surfaces. Vehicle interiors can be sanitised safely and cost-effectively in an automotive workshop with a Tri-0xyclean system.

Tri-0xyclean systems, from Tri-Sphere, are an investment in customer protection, staff protection and business protection all rolled into one.

What kind of businesses?

Tri-0xyclean systems are ideal for collision repairers, garage workshops and almost any business dealing with confined proximity passenger contacts such as taxi firms, recovery operators or bus operators with passengers seated in a shared space. With Tri-0xyclean support, you can demonstrate virus protection on your premises, inside vehicles returned to customers and on board all service vehicles. A Tri-0xyclean allows your work to continue in safety.

How it works

Each Tri-0xyclean system generates its own ozone gas. Ozone kills viruses. Your one-off investment has a 20,000 hour lifespan. That means it is designed to perform over 120,00 cycles.

Staff care

The quick-start and go process begins with a 2 minute to set-up. There’s a 10 minute fully-automatic run-cycle. We think that’s just about enough time to sanitise your hands, enter the details on a new job card and put on a fresh pair of gloves. The warning light shows everyone the cycle has finished and it’s safe to start work.

Customer care

Repeat the run-cycle when the vehicle is ready for collection. Apply the advisory sticker so that customers and passengers can see that their vehicle has been Tri-0xyclean protected. As well as being germ and virus-free, the forest-fresh smell that’s generated by the Anion air cleaning process is a sign for others that their immediate environment is safe and clean.

Protection and savings

Tri-0xyclean is a one-off investment. There are no additional chemicals to buy, as is the case with some other alternatives. By comparison, we estimate that by operating two Tri-0xyclean cycles per vehicle – one to protect staff and one to protect customers – a busy workshop handling 50 vehicles per month could make an average saving of £500 per month. And there’s no waiting time after the Tri-0xyclean cycle has been completed.

Customers can see – and smell – the steps you’ve taken to protect them. Your staff will feel safer, too. In an era where taking care of others is essential, a Tri-0xyclean system helps you to prioritise your customers and your staff efficiently and more effectively. That’s what helps to protect your business.

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