Electro Power – Body Jacking Tool

JackTri-Sphere is now a distributor for the Electro Power, a low cost multifunctional, battery operated body jacking tool that has dozens of vehicle accident repair applications.

Ideal situations include misaligned door apertures, back panel damage below the boot, wheel arch dents – almost anywhere around the car that requires a controlled realignment. Its the hand held system that delivers a capacity of up to 5-tonnes pulling/ pushing strength.

“It replaces the need to anchor a vehicle in order to carry out the pull particularly if the main jig is in use, so it saves time and money. For the general repair garage, it can create an entirely new revenue stream because there will be opportunities to move into low technology body repair work”, says director Jim Masterson.

The Electro Power can be used inside, outside the workshop or at the trackside. It can even be used at tough and competitive 4×4 events, where its use may allow a disabled vehicle to complete the course.

The Electro Power starter kit weighs in at 18 kg and includes extension arms plus all the pieces necessary for basic repair jobs. Optional extras extend the applications significantly.

Supplied complete with two battery cassettes and a charger in a sturdy case, the Electro Power provides the practical approach to basic bodywork and extra revenue opportunities.

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