Evolution 5000 includes enhancements such as an improved Vector Pulling System that make it more robust than earlier generations. The uprated scissor-lift raises the overall lifting capacity from 3,500 – 5000 Kgs. The length of the bench has been extended from
4.5 metres to 5.0 metres. There are 6 cross beams.

As well as improving weight distribution, the extra crossbeam increases the number of potential anchoring points.

Panel beaters will appreciate other adaptations that make the Evolution 5000 a very easy system to use. For example, the bench can be inclined to facilitate easier drive-on loading. If vehicles are disabled through impact damage, they can be loaded more easily thanks to the support of an optional electric winch.

The Evolution 5000 is designed to be fully compatible with the latest 3-Dimensional measuring systems technologies, such as TruScan, from Chief Automotive. TruScan can be purchased from Tri-Sphere as part of a combo package with a reduced set of Globaljig brackets – a move that combines the benefits of both brands at a more economical price.

Mono-cube technology is one of the patented design features that have helped to establish Globaljig Systems as one of the leading all-makes chassis repair systems. The uprated Evolution 5000 design enhances the operational benefits. As well as the flexibility to undertake repairs to almost any model and any manufacturer, repairers can now load and set up the system more quickly, more ergonomically, with greater confidence while harnessing the advantages of electronic measuring.


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