GlobalScan_4Globalscan is the new electronic measuring system from Globaljig. It presents panel beaters with the opportunity to receive fast, simple and continuous updates about straightening progress throughout the repair process. A series of magnetic ‘targets’ (see image) are placed at strategic locations around the chassis, adding speed and precision to the preliminary set-up procedure.

Data is collected and assimilated by a small laser scanner, which transmits the information directly to a PC-based control centre, where the data is compared directly with the original technical specifications defined by the vehicle manufacturer. Speed and accuracy in the repair bay has never been so easy to achieve.

GlobalScan_2Globalscan is the next generation in terms of fast, accurate and simple vehicle measurement. It’s also the most efficient route to cost-effective high volume light- vehicle repairs, says bodyshop equipment specialist Tri-Sphere

Graphic displays greatly simplify the repair procedure, allowing instant comparisons between the initial set-up, current position, and the desired final result at any time. A printout provide all the information required to satisfy the insurer, while providing tangible reassurance for the customer that the finished repair has restored the vehicle to its original condition

GlobalScan_3Globalscan software supplied contains vehicle specification data that covers 95% of the current European and Japanese vehicle parc. Updates are regularly provided on disk.

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