SuperRotax_1The Super Rotax is our Flagship model. A drive on system that incorporates all that is Globaljig combined with a 3.5 ton scissor lift. This allows the lift to be raised to a massive 1.75m, so a working height to suit any operator is available. It also has a hydraulic tilt mechanism for easy loading.

Once the vehicle is loaded it can be positioned easily as all beams and blocks are on bearings. A full bracket and measuring system comes with the Super Rotax, as well as an overhead McPherson Bridge for strut and upper body comparative checks.

SuperRotax_4The pulling system is renowned for being one of the strongest pulling units for the vehicle repair market. It works on the principle of a direct pull not a vector pivot pull. With the Globaljig puller you get full pulling power from whatever height you require, not just the centre of the puller upright. The puller on this system remains on the bench at all times. This allows the puller to glide effortlessly around the bench. It also comes complete with sill adaptors for inverted sills (Rover/Honda).

The Jigging system comes with a trolley for easy storage. This enables the user to know exactly where all brackets and components are. No reason for downtime searching for parts!

SuperRotax_2As with all the Globaljig range, you are purchasing a system that incorporates the speed and ease of a pulling and measuring system with the strength and ability of a jigging system covered by a lifetime guarantee*.

*applies to jig brackets only.

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