Laser Weld Cutter

Laser_Weld_Cutter_largeWith the laser weld seam cutter, laser welded joints on body panels and structures can be opened.
Precision grinding of the welds avoids material fatigue and damage to the paintwork otherwise difficult to prevent when grinding off weld beads.

Offset laser weld beads can be reached safely with the aid of an oval shaped base plate. The grinding depth is achieved with the aid of a thread and is adjusted with a rubber stop (infinitely variable adjustment). In this way, grinding through to the panel behind is prevented.

Items supplied In plastic case:

  • Compressed air drive spindle (clockwise drive) with air hose 1,5 m
  • 2 hard metal ball grinders, shaft 6 mm
  • Base plate
  • Exchangeable swarf guard plate made from macrolon
  • 2 open-ended spanners for replacement of ball grinder
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