Proton AL – Aluminium Welder

Simplicity itself to operate with a huge range of uses:

proton_alWith the new Proton AL, FAN presents the up and coming generation of machines for the autobody workshop.

No matter whether you are welding aluminium, steel or galvanised sheet, you will find no easier and more efficient way to do it than with the Proton AL.

A universal all rounder of a welding machine, the Proton AL boasts some truly winning features.

To start with, the multifunctional welding torch has a dual purpose inner liner enabling it to be used with both aluminium and steel wires. This practical innovation saves both time and money, as now theres no need to fiddle around changing the torch.

No matter which process you use, the weld quality is superb especially with light gauge sheets. To ensure that you always have the optimum arc when welding, there are two inductor connections, covering different dynamic ranges

Thanks to its large wheels and sturdy design, you can take the Proton AL just about anywhere. It also has a detachable side panel to protect the drive system from abrasive dust. Yet another plus in terms of both safety and quality.

Easy to handle, professional welding can be really easy with the Proton AL. With its easy to follow colour coded guidance system, anyone can be welding like an expert in next to no time. On the intuitively laid out display, you can see what what straight away. Simply choose your colour and you will always have the correct settings!

For superb aluminium welding with minimal fuss, the Proton AL is the ideal product

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