Proton I+ High Performance Inverter

proton_iThe high performance Proton Inverter, supplies consistent high welding current power for car assembly quality welding. Precise spot welding of multi grade steels with different thermal conductivity through to galvanised sheets are all possible with the Proton I+.

Buffer circuit compensation levels out drops in mains current immediately. It continuously monitors the spot weld contact via digital readout and audible confirmation. Giving signals of low electrode pressure, electrode contamination or residue ensures your weld will be good time after time.

The built in digital processor makes it possible to reproduce the exact settings of previous jobs. The memory key recalls all preset parameters stored. Time and energy frequencies can be programmed according to set factory requirements. These frequencies can be preset exactly for any body and sheet strength.

Cooling of the individual components is of vital importance for productivity and the quality of the spot weld. The fully integrated cooling system, developed by FAN, guarantees the precise cooling of the whole machine all the way to the electrode caps. This ensures maximum welding quality and a long lifespan of the electrode.

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